Ans : In any situation you must dial 100 from Mobile Phone / Line Phone to inform Police any Suspicious activity by an individual / group etc. around you. Your identity will keep remain secret.
    Ans: FIR is defined as First Information Report, getting registered a FIR by an individual is constitutional rights of citizens, if you have been hares by any activity which is illegal in law. Registering FIR is very important aspect before a proper investigation start on your complain for which you have to produce evidence against such person, if found correct by the Investigation Officer (IO) a formal FIR will be registered accordingly.
    Ans: If your complain not registered as FIR, then you have the rights to file an application under Section 156 © Cr.Pc. in front of Metropolitan Magistrate of your area and he will direct to the police for registering of FIR on your Complain.
    Ans: Aarambh Foundation is supported by various group of professional who are dedicated to create awareness in the society by way of various activities. The most important aspect of this foundation is creating free legal awareness of law amongst the people of this Country and also educates them not to indulge in any criminal activity knowingly or un-knowingly. India is having approximately 34000 (thirty four thousand) law. Most of which can land you in jail. Aarambh Foundation is working towards reducing crime from this country, by way of providing free legal advice and access to good lawyers in case anybody needs to find good lawyer in all India bases. Finding a good lawyer who is capable of handling your case is big task. Aarambh Foundation is having access to such lawyers practicing in different courts of law throughout India.
    Ans: Aarambh Foundation is easy accessible by logging at www.aarambhfoundation.com by logging on this site you can reach out to any such information which may help you in taking decision. For the safety and security of the women, children’s and handicapped people we have special arrangements. We want to reach out to the people who do not have the access of justice due to lack of Knowledge of law, could not afford good lawyers to represent their case in the court of law. We also want associates with various corporates different NGO who can create some jobs for the family of victims who has been languishing in jail. It is found that, if any one of the family member has been sent to jail for the crime he has committed knowingly or un-knowingly, apart from he himself his family suffer the most. And if there is a boy child in the family, most likely he will also choose the wrong path and become a criminal for which the society is to blame. We also want reduce the discrimination in the society by creating awareness, and the acceptance of those family who are already suffering due to above mentioned reason.