Mumbai Crime: Stepfather Drowns 4-Year-Old Son In A Bucket Of Water

In a horrific incident a man drowned his four-year-old son in a bucketful of water. The police has arrested the accused as of Friday. The accused and his wife lived in Nallasopara east. The victim was one of the three boys the wife had from her first marriage as per reports by the Hindustan Times. On the day of the incident, the woman went to work and left her three children in the care of the accused when the four-year-old victim went to his neighbour’s house to play. As per inspector Kerubhau Kolhe, Tulinj police station, when the child returned return the accused hit him with a broom and drowned him. The accused then thrashed his two other stepsons and threatened them saying that they would meet the same fate if they told their mother about what he had done. Inspector Kerubhau Kolhe said, “When his wife returned home, she was shocked to find her son drowned and reported the matter to us. We were suspicious of Jaiswal. When women officers questioned the two sons separately, they told us the truth. Jaiwal then confessed.” As for the motive for the crime, the police said that the accused had fought with his neighborthe previous day and had warned hisstepsonsnotto go to their home. Inspector Kolhe said, “When he found out it had happened again, he was enraged.” The accused was arrested under section 302 (murder) of the IPC, produced before the Vasai court and remanded in police custody for five days. Credit : Mid-Day