How to Reduce Crime Rate

first we must accept the hypothesis that if crime rate increases in our current system then the reason of such increase must be in our current system.we must find out where the reason is? 1] it is the tendency of our political leader to put any act that disturbs society into IPC i.e they criminalize the act. in this way, the number of criminal act increases. with that the number of the performer of those act i.e. criminals also increases. if today surfing internet is made criminal, then just imagine how many criminals will be there? but there is another arm of law called civil. why not make an act civil offence? civil offence is also prosecuted by court and damage is awarded as punishment. 2] there are some acts which we human beings could not do without such as bribing, prostitution, p*rn movie, domestic violence, cheating, black money etc. people all over the world could not do without these acts. in developped country like america and europe, people also do these acts. if one criminalize these acts, then number of criminal would skyrocket overnight.besides it is a torture to the people because they could not do without it. our govt. cannot criminalize SIMI who conducts muslim terrorism but can criminalize these acts which people all over the world could not do without. 3] we have to understand the nature of jail. jail is a place where if you spend even 3 months, you cannot comeback to the mainstream society. society will ultimately reject you. you won't get any job, you won't stay at your home. your own relative will not accept you. you cannot stay at a public place. it is just so inhuman. although law forgives you but society cannot. then where will you go? you have to go back to those friends in jail. thus you, a first time offender will become a permanent offender. sending a offender to jail thus increases number of criminal. 4] then there is intolerance. people are sent to jail for expressing their own opinion. barun gandhi went to jail for expressing his opinion about muslims.and jail makes them criminal. this also increase number of criminal. 5] the inability of court to uncover the truth. people are sent to jail in false cases. and jail makes them criminal. 6] partiality of indian judges can also decides someone's fate. judges must be impartial they should not be influenced by rich and should not be sympathetic to poor. but indian judges are influenced by rich and sympathetic to the poor. thus they lack impartiality. 7] corruption in police is also another reason. you will be surprised to hear that indian police does not follow CrPC thoroughly. rather they conduct investigation their way making more innocent people a criminal. 8] trial by media: such trial is obviously based on no evidence and pure gossip.but such trial can destroy a person's image totally. so you see why rate of crime increases in india? now what to do to reduce crime rate? 1] do not criminalize acts which people could not do without such as bribing, prostitution, p*rn movie, domestic violence, cheating, black money etc. rather make these acts civil offence. 2] only make those acts criminal that are really dangerous to society such as rape, murder etc. 3] use probation as often as possible to avoid jail. make offences civil to avoid jail. jail increases number of criminal. 4] learn tolerance. if a person is released from jail why you hate him when he had done nothing to you? ban laws that punish people for expressing their opinion. 5] make provision to punish corrupt, partial judges. cancel their licence and fire them. 6] make provision to punish corrupt police officers. just fire these police officer from their job. that would be fine. 7] stop trial by media. make it illegal. charge fines to media for trial by media. i know most of the LCI member will not agree with me. they simply don't reply the post and let it sunk. but i will urge to every right thinking people to think over it. if they join hands then we could make a better india. Credit : Lawyers Club India